Adventure Travel Insights From Explorer’s #TWChats

Those scanning the #adventuretravel tag on Twitter last week might have noticed a takeover by the travel advisors, tour operators, hotels, cruise lines, bloggers and journalists who participated in TravelAge West’s Explorer takeover of #TWChats, a monthly Twitter chat that TravelAge West co-hosts with Travel Weekly.

The conversation was led by co-organizers Mindy Poder, Executive Editor for TravelAge West; Valerie Chen, Associate Editor, Digital for TravelAge West; Rebecca Tobin, Managing Editor for Travel Weekly; Carrie Finley-Bajak, a contributing writer for Travel Weekly; and Michelle Baran, Senior Editor for Travel Weekly.

Fathom noted that “adventure is equal parts place and attitude,” while Journeys International tweeted that “adventure travel is digging beneath the surface and finding what other people don’t.”

Travel agent Sarah Nelson Wandrey reiterated the personal nature of adventure by tweeting that her agency qualifies clients for adventure by getting “to know them as best we can so we offer them the right type of experiences and activities.”

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