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Trip Posting – Grand Canyon and Sedona May 2017

Driving from Phoenix to Page (5 hours) and back to Grand Canyon National Park (3-4 hours) on the 9th? Yes, Come join us. Our primary reason for going to take in the beauty and tour Antelope Canyon. The tour itself will take about 1.5 hours, but with parking, admissions, staging, transport etc, it will use at least 3 hours of your day. The drive back to Grand Canyon National Park takes a little over 2 hours to the park entrance at Desert View, but from there to Maswick will probably take an hour or more without even stopping at the viewpoints.

This will be a challenges for our party,We’re going all the way to Page.We’ll stay at Maswick and drive to the Grand Canyon National Park in the morning.It will be a long day, but by staying on the move,we can still get to Sedona before the sun sets.If you’re interested reply to