International Tours and Travel Guide

Do not pass on the opportunity of having unlimited fun this holiday season, and seek the acclaimed services of Yatra. Our experience in the international tourism sector has given us immense knowledge on what travellers desire. We have packages to various places around the world so you can have a myriad of experiences. You can pick your itineraries to an entire continent to see all its major highlights or a specific country to explore it in depth. If you want to go on a cultural venture, then we suggest you pick our international travel packages for Asia, culturally, the most diverse continent. Enjoy traditional Arabian hospitality in the UAE or learn about Buddhist in the Southeast.

And while here, you will be treated to the sight of sleek skyscrapers, and ornate Buddhist and Hindu temples, especially in Thailand. Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore are perfect for a beachside vacation as are Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the South. China will delight you with its Great Wall and well-preserved signs of ancient civilisation. Beat the heat by heading to the cool climes of Europe. Explore Greece, the birthplace of Western civilisation and culture, through architectural ruins. Go on a wonderful date or honeymoon by picking our international tourism itineraries for Paris.

Visit its famous places, shop for fashion apparel or take a boat cruise on river Seine. A gondola ride on the canals of Venice will give you a similar experience. But, no matter what, no destination will quench your thirst for cool weather than Jungfraujoch, Parnassos or Mount Titlis. For cultural exploration, walk through Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna or Rome. Our international tour packages to Oceania will transport you to an altogether different world of Aboriginal tales. See famous landmarks in Sydney and relax on Bondi Beach, and partake in rich culture of Melbourne. Make Gold Coast your new avenue of fun with a visit to three incredible theme parks. Travel along Australia’s eastern coast, venturing to thick rainforests and listening to local legends.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef with us and see incredible corals via snorkelling, swimming or a glass-bottom semi- submarine ride. Go on an incredible drive or train journey to some of the most beautiful lakes of New Zealand and also visit the Glacier Region.

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