Backpacker and working holiday jobs in Australia

Jobs for Backpackers

Going to Australia on a working holiday visa will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Working and travelling around Australia gives you the chance to save money (so you can see more of this amazing country) have fun, make new friends and get to see the ‘real’ Australia. Some jobs will even allow you to extend your stay in Australia by a whole year!

You needn’t worry about finding work in Australia. Tons of backpacker jobs exist and they are relatively easy to get into. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to try new things, and there loads of exciting opportunities to seize!

While many backpacker jobs are easy to get, some jobs will require having previous experience, while others may require training (usually an online course you can complete within a matter of hours; for example, to serve alcohol, you will need to do an RSA course.) However, many require no previous experience at all!

Seasonal Jobs – Get Your Second Year Visa

Get off the beaten backpacking trail and have a real Aussie adventure working on farms in regional Australia! While you’re at it, you can also get your second year working holiday visa with these jobs:

Harvest Work:
Involves working with grain crops (wheat is the most popular grain crop in Australia); cotton; and all kinds of vegetables. Work in this sector includes tractor driving, header (combine harvester) driving and driving chaser bins. If you have no experience driving tractors, a lot of these farms look for people to move augers, refuel headers and cook meals.
Fruit-picking and packing:
This is probably the most popular job among backpackers, and this is mostly down to the fact that the only requirement is that you be reasonably fit to do it.
The best things about this job are: it’s easy to get into, you’ll make a ton of friends and have a great time (even if the work quite tiring) and you can get your second year visa out of it, as long as you meet certain requirements.
Crop Maintenance
Work in crop maintenance can include anything from spraying crops to pruning trees and vines. Vine pruning is one of the easiest crop maintenance jobs to get into; and the work, although very monotonous, is very easy to do.
Pearling can be hard work, but if you enjoy the sea and don’t mind getting dirty then you should enjoy pearling.
The best thing about this job: you will get the opportunity to see an amazing and diverse array of Australian marine life. Check out this page to find out more about pearling and how to find a pearling job.

Fun/ Social Jobs – make friends, have fun and earn good money

Imagine getting paid to sail around Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands…well, you can! There are tour companies right across Australia aimed at backpackers and they often look for backpackers to work for them. Sometimes these jobs offer commission, as well an hourly wages.
The best thing about tourism jobs: you get to go on tours and travel for free!
Entry-level hospitality jobs are very easy to get into and work includes: bar work; barista; kitchen-hand; dishwashing; and waiting tables. Hospitality work can also tie in with working in tourism, as there are plenty of hospitality jobs available on holiday resorts.
The best thing about hospitality work: It’s easy to get into and there may be opportunities to earn tips.
Remember: you will need to complete your online RSA certification to work in restaurants or bars.

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